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My Art

• Photography
   (Analogic, digital and retouched      photos)

• Digital Manipulation
   (Photoshop and digital painting  images)

• Fractals and 3D
   (Mathematical and 3D renderered images)

• Generative Art
   (Computer generated images)

• Genetic Mutations
   (Genetically modified reality)

The Concept

The real Art directly reach the brain and then to go down in the heart to release emotions.

The role of Art is to raise the human spirit and increase the beauty awareness.

About Me

I live and work in Tuscany, Italy.
My creative journey began with the photography thru many types of images.

Later I discovered the digital manipulation, then the incredible world of  fractals up to 3D experience.

The last step of my artistic development is the creation of the Genetic Mutation, a particular  technique that closes the creative circle using photograph images again.